At PROVERUS™, everything we do is done in a consultative fashion. Our risk management consultants understand how to first look globally at each account they are advising on. We go up 30,000 feet, if you will, to see the big picture. What does the picture look like today? What is on the horizon? Which way are the trends moving? How can we best be prepared for the future?

We then come down to the microscopic level and begin to dissect coverage forms, endorsements and exclusions. We digest contract language with the purpose of identifying hidden gaps that could be costly if they go unnoticed. At this point we often identify unnecessary duplications of coverage or missing coverage all together.

We then work with our client to create a plan that ensures every item and/or situation that is desired to be covered is covered. Through a proprietary model that utilizes spreadsheets and formulas, we put together a program that really becomes a living breathing document for both us and the client to use in years to come as their organization grows and develops.

If you do not have a good handle on you overall risk management plan for your organization, contact us. Together we can walk you through our proprietary process and help you understand all the moving parts to ensure you are covered in the event of a loss. Contact us today, we are here to help.