Health Insurance

At PROVERUS™, our Health & Benefits team specializes in helping you find the right health insurance and benefit solution customized to your specific situation.

For the individual: Our consultants will help you navigate through all the changes in healthcare reform. Whether you are looking to purchase an individual health insurance policy, a Medicare supplement, dental insurance or just need help understanding what you are being offered through your employer, we can help you make an educated decision that is right for you. High Deductible Plans, Health Savings Accounts (HSA), Traditional Plans, Copay Plans, Short Term or Temporary Major Medical Plans, Medicare Cost Plans, Medicare Advantage Plans, do you know which is right for you and your family? Are you confused? Will any of this matter anymore with the new healthcare reform taking effect? Don’t make these important decisions on your own. Call our office today and one of our experienced consultants will help you navigate this ever changing sea of information and options.

For the company: Our highly trained consultants will help you understand what changes are happening with the new healthcare reform bill and how that will impact your business. Whether you have 1 employee or thousands, you will be impacted and you need to know how. Our consultants are prepared to walk you these raging waters and bring you across to the other side with safety and peace of mind.Whether you currently offer health insurance benefits to your employees or not, it does not matter. Not able to contribute anything to your employees health insurance costs? No problem. Currently offering Group Health Benefits, but very tired of continual increases? We understand. Feeling the pressure to continually increase the deductible to keep costs under control at the expense of employee moral? We get it and there are fantastic solutions for all of these concerns. Don’t wait another moment. Call our office today and we will help you understand all you options, many of which you will not hear from our competition. Whether it is a Traditional Health Insurance Plan, Health Saving Account Plan (HSA), Copay Plan, Partially Self Funded Plan, Self Funded Plan, Section 125 Plan or Health Reimbursement Account (HRA), we can help you decide what is right for you. Contact us today!

Examples of Coverage:

  • Traditional Health Plans
  • High Deductible Plans
  • Co-pay Plans
  • Major Medical Plans
  • Short Term/Temporary Plans
  • Medicare Cost Plans Medicare Advantage Plans
  • Health Saving Account (HSA)
  • Partially Self Funded Plan
  • Self Funded Plan
  • Section 125 Plan
  • Health Reimbursement (HRA)
  • Supplemental Benefits
  • Disability Insurance
  • Long Term Care
  • Life Insurance