Our Nation

At PROVERUS™ we purpose to be an influence of positive change in our nation. We believe this is the greatest nation on earth, but there are influences out there working diligently to push her off course. We believe it is part of our calling to be a voice for common sense on behalf of each individual and business represented in America.

This is one we can definitely not do on our own. We are constantly scanning the landscape for organizations with like values to come alongside. We know that together we can accomplish more.

Issues such as Healthcare Reform are on the top of our list. Not only are we helping our individual and business clients navigate the raging seas that we find ourselves in, but we have had meetings with our elected officials related to this topic. It is no secret that the cat is out of the bag, but we believe there are things that can still be done to improve the situation and lessen the damage that has already been done.

In September, we were in our US Congressman’s office encouraging them to get on board with some legislation that has been introduced that would strengthen one area of truly affordable health care.

This is just one example of how we are working diligently to fulfill the PROVERUS™ vision.

Organizations Supported:
Big I
You Can Run International

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