Our Story

PROVERUS™, Inc. founded in 2013 by Joseph A. Kuchinka. Joe got his start in the insurance business early on as he learned while he was still in high school that he would rather work with his brain than his back. So back in 1988 he sat for his exam and entered the industry. In January or 1995, he started a captive agency with American Family Insurance. Although he was a success at that, he soon began to realize it was very hard for one company to be all things to all people. So he set out to find a way to serve his customers better. In October of 2000, Joe ended his contract with American Family and joined a small statewide network of independent agents known as Insurance Brokers of Minnesota.

This platform not only gave him the opportunity to give his growing client base more options, but it was a far better fit for Joe’s selling style. It was no longer and arm wrestling match to buy his product. Joe was now able to sit on the same side of the table as his customer and help them make educated purchase decisions. Over the years, Joe and his team have extensively developed the consultative selling approach. This also broadened their perspective to the fact that it really is all about “risk management” and insurance is just a part of that.

In 2010, there began to be a stirring on the inside of Joe of what could be. He not only saw a highly professional insurance firm that approached each client with a systematic consultative approach, but he knew there was something more. A vision began to develop of a “best in class” organization coupled with a vision to be a positive influence and make a difference everywhere we go. To read more about the PROVERUS™ Vision, click here.

Through much thought, prayer, and consideration, what we know as PROVERUS™ today began to emerge. It became clear that our “calling” was to be a full service Risk Management and Insurance firm with a mission to positively impact our industry, each individual we come in contact with, be a blessing in our communities, our states, in our nation and ultimately around the world.

Our growing team and our expanding customer base are all excited about what PROVERUS™ is doing and how we are making a positive difference. Contact us today and experience the PROVERUS™ difference for yourself.