Our Vision

At PROVERUS™ we are a cause based organization. Everything we do is for a purpose and to make a difference. We do this in six primary areas.

1. Our Industry: Our purpose is to show forth a better way of doing business. To raise the standard in our industry in the way in which business in conducted. Integrity in the underwriting process, how we treat and interact with our customers, the companies we represent and even our competition are just some of the ways we are bringing positive change to our industry.

2. Lives of Individuals: Our purpose is to make a difference in the lives of each and every individual we come in contact with. This may involve giving an encouraging word, being a listening ear, helping with a felt need or simply giving a smile everywhere we go. It is being mindful to be a blessing to everyone we meet. Purposing to be the third person in the story of the Good Samaritan instead of the first or second. Most basically, be others focused rather than self-focused.

3. Our Communities: Our purpose is to have a positive impact in the communities in which we live and do business. To be a giver rather than a taker. Be involved in our communities and continually develop relationships with other community leaders to be a positive influence. Our purpose is to support those things within our communities that are having a positive impact. We partner with local government, non-profits & other community leaders in efforts that are making a difference.

4. Our State: Our purpose is to be a positive influence at the state level in the states in which we do business. Whether that involves being a voice to legislation that impacts our industry or simply developing relationships with our elected officials. We believe it is important they understand we are a support to them for the sacrifices they make to serve in the capacity they do. The first time our elected officials hear from us should not be when we are frustrated with a decision they made. To make a difference, we must be engaged far earlier than that and find common ground even with those whom we do not agree. We also believe in coming alongside other organizations that have similar values.

5. Our Nation: Similar to our state involvement, our purpose is to build strong relationships with our elected officials so we can influence them in a positive manner. Whether that is health care reform, rewriting tax code, tort reform, or other issues that are not as directly related to our industry, we want to be involved. We want to be a common sense voice in our political process rather than just sitting back and saying somebody should. We understand that we are a somebody and if somebody should then we will. Supporting others who are making a difference in this nation is just part of who we are.

6. Our World: Our Purpose is to make a difference globally. To make our world a better place. We support organizations that are having a global impact. Whether that be global evangelism, mission focused or humanitarian aid, our purpose is to be a part of what is leaving positive fingerprints and not negative boot marks. We believe one person can make a difference. Look at Mother Theresa. Therefore, we support those both inside and outside of our organization who have a passion to make a difference.