Personal Insurance

At PROVERUS™, we have a dedicated team of experts that specialize in personal insurance and risk management with offices located in Elk River, Northfield, Mankato, and St. Cloud.

In an environment where the industry presses hard to make personal insurance a commodity, we believe there is more to it than just price. GEICO says “15 minutes can save you 15%”. We say 15 minutes can cost you everything if the program is not put together properly. We believe there is a place for good solid risk management advice, even when just buying home and car insurance. We believe it is important to make sure you understand your unique risks and are given the right information to help you make informed choices on how to deal with that risk. Insurance plays a part in the risk management process, but is only a part. We use lots of probing questions to make sure we understand everything you are involved in and tell stories to educate you on how exposures are covered. Through this proprietary process, we are able to identify issues that are often overlooked by others.

Whether it is car and home insurance, motorcycle or snowmobile insurance, boat or RV insurance, a second home or anything else that is important to you, we can assist you through the process.We also make sure to not forget to insure the most valuable asset in every household, the great people in it. Life insurance is a very important and an often overlooked area of a personal risk management plan. However, at PROVERUS™, we understand the significance of this area and the negative impact it can have if a plan is not properly in place. With a variety of options to choose from, we educate you on how each of them work and help you make the decision that is right for you and your family.Contact us today and experience the PROVERUS™ difference for yourself.