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We all know legislation that happen at the State level can change our lives. Whether it be us as individuals or as business owners, what happens at the state level affects us all. Healthcare Reform, Religious Freedom, Minimum Wage and Education are all issues that we face today.
At PROVERUS™ our goal is to identify opportunities surrounding issues we believe are important and to positively affect the outcome. Whether these issues involve our industry directly, affect how business is conducted or have an overall impact on the lives of every citizen of our state, we are there to make a constructive difference.
We write letters, send emails, make phone calls and schedule personal visits to our State Capitol. We also work arm in arm with others to affect the outcome. This is just an example of how we at PROVERUS™ put our money where our mouth is.

MN Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers
MN Professional Insurance Agents Association

Whether that involves being a voice to legislation that impacts our industry or simply developing relationships with our elected officials. We believe it is important they understand we are a support to them for the sacrifices they make to serve in the capacity they do. The first time our elected officials hear from us should not be when we are frustrated with a decision they made. To make a difference, we must be engaged far earlier than that and find common ground even with those whom we do not agree. We also believe in coming alongside other organizations that have similar values.

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